As summer comes to a close, we Exonians are enjoying every last moment before we return to campus on September 7.  Summer has taken us all over the globe, whether our vacation took us home, on a family trip, on an Exeter Summer Program, or to a job or internship.  Hearing about what some of my classmates have been doing over the summer shows me how far Exeter’s reach truly is.  From studying physics in Tokyo, to going on an archaeological dig in France, to taking part in a service trip to Costa Rica, Exonians have kept busy while away from campus.


John's Japan Picture

Odaiba in Tokyo Bay

This summer I not only found myself on multiple college tours – the life of a rising upperclassman is truly exciting – but also with many chances to absorb information, culture, and experiences.  I was lucky enough to spend some time in Europe with my parents and, as is usual when it comes to our trips together, we spent our fair share of time in museums.  One of my favorite places to visit in London, our first stop, is the British Museum.  It is a humbling experience going there as I am always amazed by how much there is to see and learn.  Two of my favorite exhibits feature works by ancient Egyptians and Assyrians.  Other highlights included enjoying the history of Edinburgh Castle, Napoleon III’s apartments in the Louvre, and watching players tee off on the first hole of St. Andrews’s Old Course.


Friezes from the Parthenon, British Museum


Summer has been a wonderful time to spend quality time with my family and recharge the batteries, but as the beginning of the school year draws near, I am looking forward to going back to my second home, which is what Exeter has become for me.  There are so many exciting things waiting for us when we return to campus – seeing and catching up with friends and teachers, meeting the new students, going to the barbeque on our first day back, Opening Assembly, Academy Life Day, and so much more!  As a tour guide, I am also excited about the new school year bringing prospective students who would like to learn more about Exeter.  I hope to see some of you this year!

I was excited for summer to begin and now I am excited for school to resume.  Upper year – here we come!

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About Marie Leighton McCall

Hello! My name is Marie Leighton and I am a member of Exeter's Class of 2018. It is my third year at PEA and while I am far from my home in North Carolina, my wonderful dorm of Hoyt Hall has become my second home. I enjoy spending time with my classmates and friends in clubs such as Model UN, Business Club, and ESSO American Sign Language, and with my teammates on the rowing team. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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