Parent’s Weekend

Hi all,

I am so glad to be back on campus for my junior (or upper year)! This year has already gone full speed and I am busy with work, volleyball, and music but that just made this weekend all the more relaxing. Every year in the third weekend of October, the school invites the parents of all students to come for the weekend from Friday to Monday. On Friday and Saturday students bring their parents and/or relatives to classes and the parents can shadow harkness discussions in all subjects. It’s a great way for parents to see how harkness works and to watch their student(s) in the classroom. It’s always very busy on campus with parents and relatives around, but it also makes the campus feel more like home!




PC: Rachel Luo

This year, for the first time, my parents decided not to come visit me during parents weekend because they will be on campus soon after. Since I am from California I do not have the luxury of going back home for the weekend, but thankfully, I was invited to stay over at a friend’s house. My friend, Alyssa, lives in Connecticut so we decided to spend Sunday in New York City eating food, shopping, and walking around. Coming from California, I have only really been in the city twice and both times my family and I spent the day on the sightseeing trolley tours— so this was the first time I truly got to experience a normal day in the city.

We started off the morning leaving Greenwich station to Grand Central. From there we got on the Q to Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Our whole late morning trip was for the main purpose of eating at Smorgasburg, which is a flee market for different types of food (a spin-off of the Brooklyn Flea). There are over 90 vendors so Alyssa and I spent a good two hours stopping by all the stands and ordering food. We ended up eating a seven course meal which consisted of tacos, bao rolls, pizza, fried chicken, wowfull waffle and ice cream, raindrop cake, and popsicles. There were so many other intriguing foods I wanted to try but we were too full! This definitely gives me an extra excuse to come back to New York and try the other street foods. Actually, this Sunday was the last Sunday the vendors were selling food as it is no longer open during the winter— I was lucky to have been there for the final opening! After that, we took the Q to Soho and walked to Times Square in the night. In total we walked over eight miles: a true adventure in the city.



On Monday we slept in, baked pumpkin bread, went grocery shopping for dorm snacks, and ate our macarons and cupcakes from Sunday’s city adventure. I would say that although my parents were not with me for the long weekend, I felt much at home thanks to Alyssa and her family. So whether or not your parents come, there’s always something to do, somewhere to go, and time for relaxing.

Here’s to a fun-filled weekend with family and hopefully a reboot to finish off the term!

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Hi! I am Bridgette a current upper (a.k.a junior) at Phillips Exeter Academy. I live in Amen hall on the South Side of campus with thirty other amazing girls. My favorite subjects are biology and math. I play the flute in chamber and symphonia orchestra and play volleyball and run track!

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