My Favorite Teacher


Hey everyone! Halloween has passed and the holiday season is upon us.  My favorite time of year is right around the corner and I can’t wait – I’ve been listening to Christmas music since July.  As the holiday season nears, Fall term nears its end as well.  These first few months back have been filled with plenty of hard work and chill times as well. From my first U.S. History paper, helping a teacher get cast into a main role for a Marvel movie, to still being undefeated in soccer.  My day is split up between filming, sports, and of course, classes.  Most of my mornings begin with Tazawa Sensei in Japanese class. Japanese is by far my favorite class, due mostly to Tazawa Sensei.  Every morning she greets us with, “Ohaiyo gozaimasu!” which means “good morning.”  We converse about the weather, our weekend, assembly, or what we ate, all in Japanese of course.  We laugh and joke and then get started on that day’s lesson.  Tazawa Sensei creates such a relaxed atmosphere in class that it allows me to approach the Japanese language in a comfortable way.  I’ve had many great teachers here at Exeter, but I’ve grown to really enjoy Japanese culture thanks to Sensei. Don’t even get me started on her Japanese cuisine…

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About Ori

Hey guys, I'm Ori from Texas I'm a new lower at Exeter and I live in Knight House. I love sports, music, and most of all making films. Email me at if you have any questions. Just know, movies are my life.

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