MLK Day: Exonian Encounters

Celebrating peace and equality for all. This is what Martin Luther King Jr. stood for. Here at Exeter, we have a day set aside to reflect on and discuss this topic. We get a day off to relax to share our experiences and ponder relations on campus and off. A few of our peers: Kesi; Carissa; Aidan; and Kelvin, all gave wonderful and enlightening speeches. Various music and step groups performed as well. Afterward, everyone moved on to the workshop they signed up for. I attended the Exonian Encounters workshop. Exonian Encounters is a group on campus dedicated to programming such events as this, among others, with students and faculty members at its helm. We did an exercise called “Walk the Line”, where the speaker asked a question, if it applied to you, you step over the line. It was a way to help us learn things about others we didn’t know, therefore bringing us together as a community. Next, we sat down in groups and discussed the different scenarios people are in throughout everyday life, and who’s disadvantaged or advantaged in that situation. We discussed how to help those who were at a disadvantage as well. Last, I moved to the Assembly Hall for the Keynote speaker. MLK Day was a great day to reflect and discuss something that impacts so many people everyday. In search of the true peace and equality King strove towards during his life.

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Hey guys, I'm Ori from Texas I'm a new lower at Exeter and I live in Knight House. I love sports, music, and most of all making films. Email me at if you have any questions. Just know, movies are my life.

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