MLK Day: Short Film

On the Friday before MLK day, our school hosted a number of really insightful and interesting speakers to come and impart some of their knowledge on us. I signed up for a discussion surrounding the 12 minute German short-film Schwarzfahrer, starring Exeter alum Paul Outlaw. We viewed the piece, which acted out an instance of xenophobia perpetrated by an old woman to a man on a routine train ride. How cool is it that we had an Exeter alum come talk to us about a short film (which by the way, won an Oscar)? He discussed how his time at Exeter had helped him to get on his career path of acting and musical performance, as well the intricacies of the industry itself. Also, in the spirit of our MLK day  discussions, we talked about how he as an African American male, felt about the social awareness of the acting industry. At the end of the session, Mr. Outlaw shared some cool pictures and stories from his time at Exeter, as well as pictures with some of Hollywood’s past A-listers at the Academy Awards!

Opportunities like this to have a dialogue and discussion do not come very often outside of Exeter, and I feel truly blessed to be able to partake in the freedom that this school provides in that regard.


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