Ice Skates and Lingering Bruises

Last week was one of the tougher ones I’ve had this year – I had five major assignments due, a crazy rehearsal schedule, and by Sunday I was a bit worn out, to say the least. However, at the end of a long week, of which there are plenty here at Exeter, my dorm head planned the perfect event!

The weekend did invigorate me, despite its unavoidable craziness. My Saturday began with a two-hour Mock Trial meeting from 7:30-9:30 am, next I had rehearsal for the Musical, “Two Gentlemen of Verona” from 10-1, followed by rehearsal for a separate musical, “Next to Normal”, from 1:30-3:30, and finally a  third rehearsal for a show I’m in called “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare”.  After this I had dinner and watched a Netflix Documentary with my friend. From her room we went to the theatre to produce two shows going up that weekend in the Black Box Theatre through Exeter’s theatre club DRAMAT. Phew.  Each show I am in is different from the next and rewarding in new ways. I’m getting the opportunity to explore character, movement and song through some spectacular pieces of art.

That being said, I was pretty tired come Sunday. Luckily, my dorm had planned for six or seven dorms and houses on campus to go Ice Skating.

We met outside of the Science Building – around one hundred of us bundled in coats and scarves, a few of us carrying ice skates. We loaded onto buses and in twenty minutes, we were pulling into a parking lot in the nearby town of Portsmouth, NH. The rink was beautiful. It was shaped like a peanut, and in the center of one of the round parts was a fire pit surrounded with benches. Those of us less acquainted with winter sports waited in line to rent skates. Slowly the rink began to fill – with hockey players racing around the loops, a figure skater or two doing spins and elegant twirls, the people who could skate, and then the people like me: people who had no idea how move their skates on the ice. Luckily we, the uncoordinated ones, have amazing and talented friends who help us. Across the rink were couples holding hands, one floundering and the other supporting both their own weight and their friends’.



I slowly started to get it, and was less of a burden to my friend. Of course right when I got confident I proceeded to flop onto the ice. It was a pretty funny sight: me floundering on the ice. The people around me sang a chorus of, “Are you ok?”s and offered various helping hands. My friend helped me up, holding back laughter, and helped me slide over to the firepit. We sat on the benches and laughed. The light danced across the faces of our classmates as we talked. Then the ever anticipated cry came from my advisor – “PIZZA’S HERE!”



I believe we ended up finishing 40 boxes of pizza between us. We got some hot chocolate, skated a bit more and headed back to campus. Only the next day did I see the green and yellow bruise forming on my knee. A colorful reminder that bad times always get better and my community is always here for me.

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