Winter Formal

Winter formal – the perfect event to kick off our upcoming stretch of school. The arrival of such an event brings a little light and a touch of formality to the otherwise slightly dreary winter term. Winter is fully upon us now and this past weekend, students still seemed to be in the “winter break” mindset. Luckily, WPEA, our student run radio station, provided the perfect solution. Winfo! 

My Saturday schedule played out as usual: wake up, eat a bagel, consider doing homework and then not doing it, until I began to get ready for winter formal with my friend. Since we became friends, we’ve had a fun tradition of ordering sushi from a local restaurant and doing hair and makeup together. What can I say? Getting ready is one of the best parts!

Finally, after our outfits were complete, we braved the cold on our way to the dance with the rest of our group in tow.

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Me with friends

The dance itself was crowded, but had such an exciting atmosphere. We started in the lobby of the building, waiting in a long line to get our picture taken. After that was done, we gravitated towards the food, which was in a nice spread across many tables. I stayed there for a bit, chatting with my friends, before the music started.

To begin the night, a student run jazz band, called the Big Red Blues, played. One of my good friends was playing the saxophone, so I made my way over to watch the performance, making sure to cheer extra loud, they played for awhile, keeping the crowd of students excited.

Seeing everybody dressed up was wonderful. As a school, we don’t have many formal events, so it was a fun change from the norm. I’m someone who will enjoy getting fancied up  at any given chance, so for me it was pretty fun to see everybody around me in formal attire.


I also made sure to tell all my friends how lovely they looked.

When Big Red Blues finished playing, that’s when the dancing started. Usually for our dancings our school brings in a DJ, but this was formal and WPEA, like last year, brought in a live band. They thanked us for coming and told us they had driven eight hours to play for us! Then, they began their set.

“Winfo” is my favorite event for this reason – It’s a good time! The band was extremely talented and played songs that everyone knew, and I danced the night away, shouting out the lyrics with a group of friends. The night moved by so quickly, but I could tell nobody wanted it to end.

(Shoutout to WPEA for making winter formal happen!)


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