Sibling at Home

Being a boarder at Exeter is a truly unique experience that is different for everyone you meet. For example,  I have a twin brother Patrick who goes to school back in Arizona. Living at Exeter means that I’m not able to spend time with him on a daily basis. It was a major change for me in terms of my high school experience, but I have been more than able to stay connected with him throughout the school year. My friends back home and my twin have a Skype group that keeps me up to date on what’s going on back home. The friends I had before Exeter are still some of my best friends, and Exeter has only added to the relationships I’ve been able to nurture.

On breaks, I’m able to spend quality time with both my family and friends. Last break, my brother and I threw a surprise party for our grandmother’s birthday. We baked a cake together and helped to tend to her town-famous garden.


My brother Patrick took time off from school to come see some of my lacrosse games this spring. He even knows some of my Exeter friends, and sometimes we all talk together over Skype.


All sibling situations are different, but I’ve been able to make mine work by staying as strongly connected as possible. What I saw as an initial challenge for my Exeter experience turned into something positive!

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