Winter E/A

Hey everyone!

This past weekend was Winter E/A, the renewal of the sports rivalry between Phillips Exeter and Phillips Andover. The faculty surprised us during assembly with a flashmob to Whip/Nae Nae by Silento, all dressed in red. It was really funny to see all of your teachers who you see, for the most part, in a professional, classroom setting dancing up on stage (Check it out here).

Also on Friday was pep rally. Winter pep rally takes place inside the gym and lots of dance groups perform. The varsity teams also go up and introduce themselves, perform a skit, or do something to entertain the audience and make them want to come to their games. This year, varsity swimming held a relay race between each class (which the lowers won) and girls varsity basketball held a shootout to win a package of mac and cheese and Swedish fish.

On Saturday, I started with girls varsity basketball, which was the first game of the day, and unfortunately the only varsity team to win.


After basketball, I headed over to girls hockey, checking in on the JV girls for a few minutes before moving to varsity. JV won 17-2 but varsity lost 7-0. After girls hockey, I stayed to watch the boys, who lost 5-2. Boys basketball was the last game of the day and though Exeter held a lead for a while, Andover eventually ended up winning.

Even though the scores weren’t what I would have liked I still had a great day. This time, I ended up screaming enough that I left the gym with a very scratchy voice and woke up Sunday morning with a sore throat from screaming too much. E/A is one of my favorite parts of the year, and I love getting to watch the school come together to support its teams.



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About ibergill

Hi everyone! I'm Ingrid and I'm a tenth grader from right here in Exeter, NH. I'm a day student here at Phillips Exeter Academy. I take Latin currently, which is one of out classical languages and I'm hoping to take Greek, our other classical language, my senior year. I love going into town with my friends on Wednesday afternoons or weekends and getting food from Stillwells, the local ice cream place on the river or Me & Ollies, my favorite sandwich shop/ bakery that has the best smoothies you'll ever taste.

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