My favorite thing about Exeter …



We asked our bloggers what their favorite thing about Exeter is. Here’s a sampling of the response:

My favorite thing about Exeter are Ms. Burke’s nights on duty. Ms. Burke is the dorm head for the best dorm on campus, Langdell, and she is also my adviser. Whenever she’s on duty, she’ll bake the most delicious cookies and brownies. Seriously, you have to try them. One night fall term, she had a game night. That Saturday my friends and I got to the dorm early and played “Life” with her until we went to bed. Ms. Burke makes my dorm feel like a home, and Exeter would not be the same without her.

Daisy Tichenor ’18

My favorite thing about Exeter are the skies. At night, I like to immerse myself within the clouds and look up at the universe. When the sun rises, the spirit of the earth shows her true colors here, as the pastel purples and muted peach oranges collide to create a magical view. When it sets, and the darkness starts to arrive, the snow reflects the beauty of the burning sky, and all stop to watch as our little town of Exeter brings us another wintry night.

Ori Evans ’18

My favorite thing about Exeter is the student body! When I first arrived on campus, I immediately felt welcomed into the community by everyone in my dorm, teammates and all the other students I met along the pathways. I remember how nervous I was about entering high school because of all the stereotypical “exclusive groups” I had seen on TV and heard about from others, but Exeter never had that vibe from the first day I stepped on campus. Even in just the first few weeks on campus, upperclassman helped move in new students into their rooms, gave tours on the first few days, and always took time out of their day to help someone. Students continue to amaze me with their generosity and willingness to help. And do not be worried about making friends! At Exeter, it is truly impossible not to find a friend or share a passion with another student. There is always a place to find people, meet new faces, and have fun!

Bridgette Han ’18

My favorite thing about Exeter is that my school has grown to become so much a part of who I am. Even when I’m on break, I always find myself chatting with my roommate from Wisconsin or one of my dorm-mates from England on little things like a new burger place opening up in downtown Exeter. Later in the year, I might head on a trip with the lacrosse team to Florida to kick off the season. The school has a presence outside of its campus like no other school I’ve ever attended. I craved a school that enabled me to branch out away from my little “bubble” that I experienced at home, and that’s exactly what I got.

Conor Hunt ’18


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