Club Night!!!!

One of my favorite things about Exeter is just how many clubs we have. It feels like we have a club for practically everything, and if we don’t have one for a student’s specific interest, they can just start one! There is everything from Debate to Model UN to The Exonian newspaper to Quidditch club, cooking club, Chemistry club, Ethics Forum, etc. For students who like to give back, there is also a whole section of clubs (called ESSO clubs – Exeter Student Service Organization) dedicated to bettering the community around us. The sky’s the limit with Exeter clubs, and nothing showcases that like club night.
Club night is basically a night dedicated to signing up for and learning about clubs. The ESSO clubs have their own club night a week before, but here I’m going to be talking about mainstream club night, or my importantly, my own adventures at this years club night.
A little background: The way club night works is that each club head(s) sets up a booth for their respective club, and tries to make it as appealing as possible to guilt- I mean recruit- the unsuspecting masses into joining their clubs. Usually this involves candy. My own club night routine involves signing up for every single club that looks interesting, eating a lot of chocolate, picking two or three to actually go to, and dealing with the guilt emails from the clubs I’m not going to for the rest of the year. Personally I think this is the way to do it.
On a saturday night, a couple hours before Club Night started, a close friend and I were just drifting around with nothing to do. Another friend, the head of a club called spikeball club, asked if we wanted to help him design a colorful poster for his club. We said sure, why not. Then, the same friend asked if later on we could manage the booth for spikeball club while he managed a booth for another club he was a part of. We said, “sure, why not,” deciding to make it our personal mission to make spikeball club the most sought after club on campus.

After learning what spikeball is (it’s a game played on the quad involving throwing a ball at a mini trampoline), we went to club night to find our booth. When we arrived, our friend had to go, leaving us on our own. That’s when the fun began. We grabbed a speaker, bumped some music, and started calling out to random passerby. “Hey! Come join spikeball club! It’s fun! Come on!” and phrases like that slowly drew people closer to our booth. When they approached, we reminded them that just because their name was down doesn’t mean the had to come, but hey, they should put their name down anyway. After this, we decided to do some recon, walking around the rest of Grainger Auditorium, cheering for spikeball club and shuttling friends and strangers over to the table. We were enthusiastic and well, it worked. We ended up with 152 people signing up! Not everyone will go to every club meeting, but hey, the recruiting was an adventure.
So to close this off, I would like to say this. Exeter clubs are great. Club night is great. My friend and I have been moved to executive lower board members of spikeball club, on the condition that we attend at least 25% of the meetings. Still, do I know how to play spikeball? No I do not. Did I have a good time recruiting? Yes I did.

The Spring Term A Capella Showcase

Hey guys! It’s been a pretty interesting couple of weeks lately. There’s been snow, and also 70 degree days. Classes are good, and the cycling team has been doing well. Life goes on here at Exeter.

Two weekends ago was the annual spring term a cappella showcase. It started at 8:30, but anyone participating had to show up an hour early. Now, I knew this, and yet somehow I still managed to be running low on time to get to the assembly hall. I had been out for dinner with my friends at a restaurant called the Tavern, which I can say was really, really good. I mean, I didn’t get past the appetizer, grilled tuna – yum! The food didn’t come until around 7:20, so I had to practically inhale my risotto and run back to campus.  Somehow I still managed to get there 5 minutes early.

We had an hour to warm up, and we ended up going to rehearse in the ladies’ room. Bathrooms have great acoustics and this actually isn’t that uncommon. I’m pretty sure we terrified a few people who tried to walk in. We stood there in a semi circle, singing up the scale, and getting ready to go on.

A little while later the show began. Our club head, Megan Smith, mc’d the whole event and did a great job!!!). We had researched some a cappella puns as a group, and it was super fun watching it all come together. The first of the groups to go up was Fermatas, and one of my best friends had a solo! I cheered for her as loudly as I possible could, and she was amazing. The next group was the only co-ed a capella group on campus, and they were, of course, fantastic. Then was another all girl group, and they rocked a slowed down version of “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce.

Then it was our turn. My knees were shaking as we approached the stage. In the first song, I had a solo, and I was getting more and more nervous by the minute. once the applause for Sans Hommes, an all female a cappella group, died down, we went up and started our first song. Suddenly, I was at the mic, but as soon as I opened my mouth to sing, my terror went away. I just focused on enjoying the music and having fun. The first song went really well.

Emmy - a capella


(Here we are, looking super professional. I’m the one in the white dress, looking short, hidden by a mic.)

The second song was “Some Nights” by fun. We tried to get the energy up, and a few of us ended up laughing really hard. The song actually ended up coming to a stop because we were laughing so hard – on stage! It was so funny I was almost crying. We still managed to finish the song, and the audience clapped and laughed with us.

It was a really great night.

Emmy - laughing

(Here we all are again, cracking up)