First Exeter Night Talkshow

Hey guys! The weather here has been pretty odd lately – 70s and then snowing.  Last week was packed with fun events like Experience Exeter, WPEA (Phillips Exeter’s radio station), volleyball, and my film club. Experience Exeter was awesome. I hosted a guy named John from Texas, just like me. It was great; I got to show him around and we had a good time. It was nice seeing all the prospective students wondering around campus, getting a feel for Exeter. It’s and exciting time for WPEA as well. The radio station here has gone live again for another term of Rampant Radio. I’ve been working on recording promos for the show hosts. Making a little blurb to promote each host’s show.

Ori - WPEA

The volleyball team has also been on a roll – we are currently undefeated. I’ve been working on my hitting, while the team is trucking forward. We have a game against Andover this Wednesday – exciting! My film club has started to work on a project called “Red.” It’s a BuzzFeed-esque video segment for Exonians. Lastly, I believe I’ve become the first night talk show host here at Exeter. “The Weekly Knight Night Show with Matisse” seems to be a hit with my peers here at Exeter. “Knight” refers to the name of the house I live in. A pretty random and odd idea I came up with a few weeks ago has now blossomed into a fun, weekly commitment.



Busy, busy, busy here at Exeter. Can’t help it though, I love what I do. Everyone can find their niche here at Exeter, and I have found many.

Why I Chose Exeter: Extracurriculars and Weekend Activities

Now, sleeping in and studying all day can be fun for some, but as the saying goes, “Work hard, play hard.” I’ve had some of the most fun and rewarding times bonding with friends over the weekends.

Andrew - WICE 2

As soon as my Friday classes end at 6pm, I rush over to d-hall to eat dinner with LCC (Latin Conversation Club). Afterwards, we commute to the Academy Building to play a round of certamen, or Latin quiz bowl. It might sound nerdy, might (definitely) be nerdy, but don’t knock it till you try it! For well over an hour we in Latin club sit round a Harkness table, hyper buzzing, laughing at ridiculous guesses, shouting across the room, and having a really good end to the week.

Typically, my weekend mornings have been spent relaxing; I’ll sleep in and grab a bite to eat at a cafe with dorm buddies. In the afternoons, I might get a homework assignment or two out of the way, and sometimes, if any other friends are up to it, head over to the Saturday mall excursion for dinner and a movie.

There might also be activities both on and off campus. Regularly, dances and other events are hosted in Grainger Auditorium. And if you’re in a varsity level sport, you’ll be waking up bright and early to board a bus and head over to games. And the same goes with clubs! Personally, I went with Latin club to compete at Yale in a certamen tournament (that’s right), with Mock Trial to the state tournament, and with Korean American Society to visit HMart! And let me tell you: you’ve never seen a sunrise as beautiful as Exeter’s.

Andrew - WICE

Why I Chose Exeter

Hey everyone!


Out to dinner in town with friends

We are already a couple days into spring break, and so that means sunny spring term is just around the corner! Exciting! But more exciting is the fact that Exeter just sent out acceptance letters to future Exonians all around the world. I remember being elated when I got “that email” on the morning of March 10th (and of course, later that day, the big packet with lots of information). I also remember the period following March 10th, when I had to make the tough decision of choosing to attend one of three boarding schools or to remain at home and attend a day school.

Heading into the revisit days, I really had no clue what I wanted to do; I loved my school at home, and I loved being home, but the idea of attending a boarding school really excited me. Even if I decided to go to a boarding school, I had the additional problem of deciding which one was right for me.

But after going to the revisit days for each school, my dad (who accompanied me on the three revisit days) and I whole heartedly agreed that Exeter was my best option.

Yes, Harkness sounded amazing, the courses of instruction list was diverse and in depth, the facilities and faculty were impressive, and there were more than 100 clubs to take part in– those were, are, and always will be true, and although I believe these qualities are particularly true for Exeter, most great boarding schools have these attributes (aside from Harkness).

For me, what set Exeter apart was the people. At each school I had plenty of chances to hang out with students, faculty and staff, and at Exeter, everyone seemed so genuine, so interested, so different, and so cool. Exeter was the only school where the students and faculty seemed to have such diverse backgrounds and interests– you might ask, why is that important? Well, because it makes everything so much more fun and interesting. With different backgrounds and interests comes more meaningful, deep discussions at the Harkness table, more diverse ways of thinking for tackling problems, more captivating conversations among friends, and overall a better atmosphere.


Now that I have been here for almost three years, I can definitely say that is true. I have friends who are coding geniuses and piano prodigies; I have friends who love politics or are avid sports followers; I have friends who hail from Korea and Chile. These people not only introduce me to new cultures, but they also get me to try things that I would never do otherwise. One friend and I put together a drone, flew it over campus, and took photos (which you can see in this post), another friend and I built a website off of an idea of mine (he’s the coding genius), and another one introduced me to the sport of squash, which is now one of my favorite activities. So many of the activities I have begun or interests I have acquired are because of my friends. And at Exeter, where the activities to begin and interests to acquire run in abundance, there is no better place to grow as a student, athlete, person, and friend.


Studying with friends


The Exonian

Hey everybody! We are officially more than half-way through winter term, which is exciting. One of the biggest changes this term is that instead of being a writer for The Exonian, our school paper, I am now a news editor! The first week of winter term, the lower board members (usually writers in their junior year at Exeter ) submitted their applications (usually upwards of 20-30 pages) for the editorial board, and then interviewed with the then current editorial board. After the board deliberated, they announced the new board on my birthday, December 7th, and from then until next December, the other, new board members and I will be running the entire paper.


As we have quickly learned, managing the production of the paper is no easy task– as news editors, we have to come up with article ideas, assign them to lower board writers/ new writers, keep in touch with the writers to ensure progress, enforce deadlines, edit articles when they are submitted, and most importantly, lay out the entire paper on a computer program called InDesign, so that all the pages look neat and pleasing to the eye when they are printed.

Since the paper is printed at a press in Boston and sent up to Exeter each Thursday, and we only have half-day classes on Wednesday, this usually means that the editorial board spends around eight to nine hours in the office each Wednesday. It is a lot of work and a lot of stress, but it is also one of the most fun environments to be in at Exeter. The newsroom is filled with editors, writers, and the faculty advisers (who make sure we are printing strong, yet appropriate articles); everyone knows everyone, and so there is rarely a moment when someone isn’t cracking a joke or laughing incredibly loud.

Still, the number one focus is producing a great paper, which we definitely do. Each issue is usually fourteen pages long, with a news, life, opinions, humor and sports section, and the Exonian often covers important issues on campus that get students and faculty talking. It may be a lot of work, but for the three years I have been a part of the Exonian, there is not one moment I regret.


The top pic is the entire writers staff, the bottom is a typical moment in the newsroom.


Exoplanets, RC Planes, and Manhunt

Hey Guys!

It’s been a cold winter — but that won’t make any of us slow down! Exeter has been as busy as ever.


For Astronomy Class, we’ve been analyzing 246 different stars through the Kepler I Mission to see how many of those stars have habitable exoplanets such as our own Earth. Kepler, a space-based telescope launched in 2009, has found 4200+ exoplanets to date. We are analyzing periodicity graphs to learn of the different ways the luminosity of stars can vary, either by intrinsic forces or by a planet transiting across our field of view. Here’s a photo of Killian ’16 and Mr. Blackwell helping us analyze our data.

analyzing dataMy team and I have been hard at work building this RC Plane — we intend to finish by the end of this term and fly it by Spring when it stops snowing! We’ve just finished the fuselage and are now working on the motors for propulsion and the servos for constructing our control surfaces. Thanks to Owen ’16 and Megan ’16 for their hard work!

RC plane

Yesterday’s assembly was also great — we had professors from Stanford come over to teach us about design. They emphasized that a hollistic approach to every discipline IS the process of design, that there are aesthetics in everything we choose to do. They are wonderful, prominent architects, who had established a Stanford-Exeter summer study program last year and who intend to participate with our school this coming summer for another architectural/design venture with current students. Here’s a  picture of John Barton ’78 and Amy Larimer, who came to our school yesterday.

Stanford professors

To end a wonderful week, our dorm decided to play manhunt in the gym this past weekend. 60 people were split into two teams,one of which was allowed to hide anywhere in the gym and the other to chase and bring them back to a designated “jail”. Our dorm had lots of fun — here’s a picture of our entire dorm together!

manhunt group

There is so much to do, and so much more to accomplish in the following weeks. What has always amazed me is that, no matter the weather, Exonians never slow down in what they do. Whether it be sports, or clubs, or school in general, we are always on our feet. Here’s to a winter filled with fun and work, in light of Spring Break to come!

The Usual Life: Astro, Robotics, and Math

These past few weeks have flown by! We’ve gotten our first taste of snow at Exeter, with surely much more to come around in the following months.

We celebrated the end of last term with a bang; Math class was surely one of my more fun — and more memorable — classes. Math classes at Exeter are a bit different than from to other schools: our textbooks are not split into chapters, but rather mixed together so they build from one another. Every problem is a real-world problem, which gives you a special insight to revisualize everything you see. Everything seems so different when math teaches you how to think rather than how to punch numbers into a calculator; it teaches you to see every problem as a math equation. Here’s our math class celebrating on the last day by ordering Dominos. Shoutout to Mr. Mallinson for the pizza!

Math Pizza

Fortunately, life after school never gets boring. Exeter offers over 100+ extracurricular clubs. Every Friday night we make an effort to make the long trek behind the school, far away from any bright lights and cars and distant enough to actually hear absolute silence, to reach Grainger Observatory. Behind our stadium Exeter has a 3 dome observatory with all the instruments you could possibly imagine: spectrographs and all the state-of-the-art telescopes you could imagine. Away from the city lights, Exeter has some of the clearest skies. Astronomy has always been one of my passions — ever since I was a kid I’d dreamt of delving into the deep skies and ponder over the true size and depth of the Universe. I’m glad that I can finally get to do that at such a wonderful school. Here’s a picture of Astronomy Club, a 10 second time exposure in the middle of the night of all of us in front of Chart House, the classroom and library in front of the domes.

Astro Exposure

A friend and I decided to conduct a little project this year. Both of us are avid Robotics fans who have been passionately devoted to mechanical engineering since we were little. This year, we decided to enter a competition I used to do during middle school. It’s called SeaPerch, and it seeks to excite high schoolers about marine engineering and STEM careers. We are just about finished with the building of our underwater submersibles; we plan to solder and wire them in the next few days and test them out in two weeks. Here is my friend Graham ’16 who gladly let me take his picture of our robot during assembly!

Graham Robo

This past term has passed so quickly! Keep yourself busy at Exeter – there is never nothing to do. As Christmas break approaches, I’m looking forward to Science Bowls, Model UN conferences, Robotics Competitions and Astronomy trivia competitions in the weeks to come. Happy Holidays Everyone!

Winter is Here

Once I have to dig out my boots and jacket from the back of my closet, I realize the inevitable: winter is here. Exeter just had its first snow, only a couple of inches, but as usual, it will likely have a lot more! Winter is one of the most interesting terms at Exeter. I have found that, while it is almost always dark out and you cannot play around outside as much, it is a term where I get to know my friends well and my grades skyrocket!

I guess since it’s so cold out, we don’t have as much to do as Exonians, so we hang out in the dorms, in grill, get our work done, and in general have a rather laid-back term. The Student Activities Office also does a great job of scheduling a lot of fun events for winter weekends, so that students don’t get bored.


Winter also means squash season! I first learned squash at Exeter, and this year I am playing around the mid-rankings of varsity- it is really exciting. Even though I have played tennis for much longer, I like the two sports equally, since squash is so fun. Below you can see a photo of me gearing up to hit a serve. This was in a match against Milton this Saturday. I luckily won my match, but we were narrowly defeated 4-3.


Hey guys,

As you might already know, the annual Exeter/Andover games were last weekend. We have a friendly but intense rivalry with the school with the same name fifty miles to the south, and E/A weekend is always a time for school spirit and bonding, as well as for favorite alumni to return to campus.

When E/A takes place in Andover, Exeter provides buses so that the entire school can come support the teams. There are also tons of traditions associated with E/A – four-year seniors get to wear decorative kilts with school colors, first-year alumni flock back to Exeter in droves to catch up with their friends after their first term of college, and Pep Rally and Pep Assembly the Friday before the games are always memorable occasions. Exeter didn’t fair so well this year, winning in girl’s volleyball, tying a close game in boy’s soccer, and losing a hard fought and well-attended football game by just one point, 13-12, but even in the years when our sports teams don’t do as well as we would hope, the camaraderie fostered by the E/A spirit make sure it’s always a fun time of year. Check me out cheering on the football team last weekend in the picture below – and a special shoutout to head blogger Rachel in the bottom right-hand corner of the picture! I’ll also be uploading some footage of Exeter’s newest club, a blend of fire-dancing, martial arts and gymnastics called Illumninosity and started by my good friend Kenny Berger ’15, so be sure to look out for that.


See you soon,