Halfway through the Fall!

Hey guys!

We’re about three weeks into the school year, and time is flying fast. Student Council, breakdance, classical piano, debate, volunteering with kindergarteners and managing volleyball is keeping my fall term packed! One great thing about Exeter is that you can choose to be as busy or relaxed as you want; and for me, I chose to be busy. I love exploring new activities and now that I’m an upperclassmen and a club head of many of the extracurriculars I enjoy, I get to lead others and help them find passions and hobbies they never tried before.

I try to balance my social life, academics and sleep, and I think I do a pretty good job. I hang out with my dormmates very often and go on weekly Thursday walks at the local Farmers Market. Academics, arts and athletics can be taxing and challenging, but equally as enriching and enlightening. It is no lie that the Exeter Experience is tough, but I can tell you, the pros outweigh the cons. The bonds and friendships you form with dormmates and classmates both emotionally and intellectually cannot be replicated. Once you join our community, you are forever a part of it.

Below I have a photo of Academy Life Day, a day in which students spend a day without classes with their dormmates (or if you’re a day student, with your advisor) from last week. Cilley Hall went to Plum Island Beach and played touch football in the sand, and also ate a nice meal at Szechuan Taste when we got back. I definitely enjoyed taking a quick break from the usual Monday grind, and I can’t wait until the next ALD.

Kevins Plum Island Academy Life Pic

Take it easy,


Weekends and Weather

Hope everyone’s had a great first month back at school! As I mentioned in my last post, things here have settled down into a routine after a few weeks of “welcome-backs,” orientations, and arguably one too many name games. And, with the temperatures dipping a bit lower each week and the sun going down sooner, the outside campus seems to be quieting down too; students are retreating indoors sooner, some to do work in the library, or hang out with friends in the dorm.

Of course, that’s not to say that life at Exeter is boring or uneventful! In fact, Fall is my favorite season at Exeter; the red and yellow leaves and clear New England skies frame the campus in the most beautiful way.

And, there’s never a shortage of things to do on the weekend here. As Zach mentioned in his last post, two weekends ago was Academy Life Day. My dorm, Amen, took a bus to Portsmouth (a cute historic town, about 20 minutes away) for a scavenger hunt and lunch.

The same weekend was Fishfest, an 80s themed dance. It’s always fun to see the crazy outfits people put together: leg warmers, leotards, and head bands, all in bright neon colors.

I guess that’s about it for now… Next weekend is Family Weekend, where parents or other relatives can come sit in on classes, and there are no classes on the following Monday. A lot of students get permission to go out of town; the majority either go home or to visit Boston. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it!