Wednesday Nights in the Dorm

Hey Everybody!

People on campus are usually in an excited frenzy at this point in the term– there is only one week left of regular classes, winter feels like it’s around the corner, and students are getting ready to head home for Thanksgiving Break. As the workload dwindles down right before the craziness of finals (when the workload does all but dwindle), I usually like to spend more time relaxing with faculty and student friends. One of my favorite activities from each week occurs on Wednesday nights, when Mr. Chisholm, a biology teacher, is on check-in duty.

Rexs hanging out in dorm 2

Mr. Chisholm does not live in the dorm (he is an affiliate), but each week he spends around four hours here checking students in as they filter into the dorm at night. Usually I have plenty of work, and I can only hang out with Mr. Chisholm and other dorm mates in the faculty lounge for just a few minutes, but on nights when I have relatively little work, I sometimes spend up to three hours talking and laughing with the Wednesday night group.

Rexs hanging out in dorm 3

Topics of discussion range from funny videos we saw online to interesting concepts from genetics–sometimes Mr. Chisholm is hosting review sessions for his AP Bio classes, and so we get to learn a little bit about that too.

Rexs hanging out in dorm 1

All in all, these relaxing moments I spend each week with Mr. Chisholm and friends are some of my best moments at Exeter, and being able to make such close connections with faculty is something that I would have never experienced at a normal day school; for that I am very grateful.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

The Invisible Net

First of all, I want to congratulate all of our newly accepted students, and give a big welcome to the class of 2018! I am looking forward to getting to see you guys again during revisit week and living with you all next year.

This past week was finals week, and getting through it was tough. At Exeter, one can get bogged down in one’s studies, especially at the end of a term. The demand that comes with attending an institution with the academic rigor and basic expectations that the Academy has, coupled with sports and extra-curriculars, is a large order to fill. But what really gave me the extra push to get through this week was the resounding support I received from my friends. Now when I say friends, what’s interesting is I mean the term friends to include the people I thought were my close friends, as well as several individuals who I never knew cared so much as to how I was doing! All of the other kids were going through the same hardships that I was, and advised me on different ways to lessen the stress of finals week and make the most out of my study time. It was so reassuring to know that I wasn’t alone in feeling intimidated by my exams. After talking to some of my peers and heeding their advice, I felt more confident about my tests and was really happy with my performance.

As a place, Exeter can start to max out a person after a long term of work and extra commitments. But the beauty of the Academy is that it is a place where you are surrounded by people who want to see you meet your potential. From these difficulties I have learned how to better handle my stress, and I know how to approach tasks and difficulties in the best way possible for the future. And so, even in ways I may not have seen immediately, Exeter taught me lessons and gave me tools I would never have acquired otherwise. For just another reason, I am grateful for my opportunity to attend my school.