Winter Wonderland!

I can still count the hours that each day is getting shorter by, as the long 10 hour days drag on through endless snow caked on the sidewalks. Yet I know that every hour spent toiling in front of a computer screen while the blizzard wages outside, or the hours spent completing an English narrative or bending your mind around a Physics problem is all worthwhile. And coming from Vegas, the snow makes Exeter my own little paradise!

Hector's winter wonderland

We’ve received well over 6 inches of snow, with another 7 inches coming in today and later on this week. Understand that snowball fights are just any part of any Exeter experience, and no matter how bad you appear to lose (just like I did this weekend against some friends from Soule Hall), the simple fun moments that take place are the ones you will cherish for a lifetime.

Hector's gingerbreadTo commemorate the advancing of Christmas, we Exonians took to the Wentworth Bash, the best dance of Christmas season! I, however, preferred not to flash off my insane dancing skills and preferred to take part in a Gingerbread making contest happening right next door, open to all Exeter students. Just look at the masterpiece we created!

Last weekend was also a little time for some intense extracurriculars. I am a part of Model United Nations, a club at Exeter that mocks parliamentary debate in a United Nations setting. A team of 12 students and I went to St. John’s Prep in Massachusetts to debate. It was my first conference, my first taste of debate and international relations, the most fun I have ever had outside of Exeter.Hector's Model UN pic

And as we count the final days approaching Winter Break, where we all get to go back home for some well deserved Rest and Relaxation, I’ll always find the time to remember the fun in the snow,  the connections I make by meeting new people everyday, and the vast opportunities waiting for you to grasp.

Deerfield Debate Tournament


Deerfield Debate Tournament

A chill weekend for Exeter as we competed at Deerfield for their annual debate tournament. One novice pair placed third out of over fifty pairs.

Hey guys,

It’s the middle of spring term and I had a pretty busy weekend. On Saturday, I traveled with the Varsity B tennis team to Maine and we played Cape Elizabeth High School who gave us a tough match. Sadly, we lost, but it was a close one and we lost as a team. Yesterday, on Sunday, I went to Deerfield for the last debate tournament of the year and competed as a novice. The trip took the whole day, but it was a great experience and one of our novice pairs won third out of over fifty pairs. Here’s a picture of us looking fresh.

Have a good one,