Just Another Night


So this is a shot of my desk today. To the bottom-left corner, you can see my girl scout cookies from the lovely Mrs Waleryszak. If any of you have ever interviewed at or toured Exeter, you probably met Mrs Waleryszak manning the front desk. She’s a lovely, caring person, who surprises her starving head tour guides with cookies in their PO. I’ll be enjoying those later. Moving a little to the right, you may notice the Hoyt Hall Duty Book. As a proctor in my dorm, it’s part of my job to check students in once a week. Preps and Lowers check in at 8, Uppers at 9 and seniors at 10. Preps, Lowers and Uppers are supposed to be waiting in their rooms and so I have to go around the dorm and hunt them down when it’s time for check-in. (For Seniors it’s the other way round, they have to go find the book.) Actually, here’s a little check-in story: It was just after I became a proctor last year, the first night I was ever on duty. I was supposed to do all the 8pm check-ins, but after going through the entire dorm I couldn’t find half the preps and lowers. By the third or fourth time I’d run around the entire dorm, I was starting to freak out, along with Ms Chu, who’d also run all around the dorm with me. Continue reading