New Dramat Term


dramat - zachHey guys,

It’s been a busy start to the term. At the beginning of each term our drama club on campus, called Dramat, holds auditions for the normally brief plays that they put on each weekend in a small-theater setting called the black box. These plays are student directed as well as being performed by the students, and are sometimes even student written. In the fall, I directed the opening scene of the acclaimed HBO show “The Newsroom”. It was a great experience, and relatively brief – the play was only about 15 minutes long. This term I went back to acting, and I am now involved in a somewhat more ambitious theatrical attempt: a full-length version of Shakespeare’s “King Lear”. Including the director, the cast is 15 students, the largest I have ever seen in a Dramat play. I play the part of Kent, Lear’s loyal but unloved duke, servant, and friend. This is the kind of diversity that Dramat offers – it appeals to both experienced, dedicated actors and directors that want to tackle a Shakespeare play to novice actors that want to join a quick 15 minute play, to comedians, writers, and more. Lear will go up mid to late spring – I’ll keep everyone updated!


Dodgeball Tournament (and other awesome club things)

Hey all,

This weekend, Male Exonian Network (MEN) hosted an all-male, all night dodgeball tournament. Something like 130 males on campus competed, forming teams of 8 and facing dormmates, classmates, and teammates. I have to say, it was fantastic. My team, though not by any means the most talented at dodgeball (we were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs) had a required uniform of tank-tops and was probably the loudest team there. After our elimination, we walked off-campus and down Route 108 for some late-night McDonald’s (there’s one about 1.5 miles from campus, which students CAN walk to – we can walk anywhere within 10 miles of campus, which is plenty of space to explore).

Besides this, other clubs have been plenty busy lately, too. Dramat, our student-run drama club and one of the largest clubs on campus, recently held auditions for its spring-term plays (directed and performed by students). Nik and I, along with our friend Augustus, run the Improv club on campus, which has worked with Dramat in the past to put on improvisational comedy shows. Exeter Social Service Organization (ESSO), which is our community service and outreach club, is currently working hard to prepare for one of its biggest events of the year, Relay For Life, which is occurring in several weeks. Relay For Life is a schoolwide event in which students form and run carnival-like booths. All profits from Relay For Life go to the American Cancer Society.