Exeter/Andover 2016


Hey everyone!

This past weekend was one of my favorite days, Exeter/Andover, a Saturday where all of our sports teams play the teams of Phillips Academy, our rival school. The rivalry between Exeter and Andover is one of the longest running high school rivalries, which is pretty cool. E/A alternates where it’s at every year, this year it was at Andover.

Preparation for E/A starts on Wednesday, which is JV E/A. All of the JV teams play at whichever school isn’t holding the varsity competitions, which was here at Exeter this year. All the fall teams play Wednesday afternoon and tons of posters go up around campus reminding people to go to the games and cheer on their friends. Thursday is then class color day. Preps, or ninth graders, wear all white, Lowers (10th graders) wear gray, Uppers dress in black and Seniors get decked out in red. Friday is red day and everyone piles on as much red and Exeter clothing as they can. Every year, we get what are called psych packs in our post offices boxes. Each one has a red bandana, a red beaded necklace, and two temporary tattoos. This year and last year I managed to convince my friends to give me their necklaces, so I ended up with ten.

Our assembly on Friday was the pep assembly, which started off with a joint performance by Outkast and Precision, the two step teams on campus. Their performance was amazing and it was so fun to see the two groups perform together which doesn’t happen often. Next, the red bandits, who are the most spirited seniors teach a few of the cheers and then we watch the E/A video, which is produced by Reel Life Productions, our film club on campus. This year the video was  about a competition between two students to see who could make a fall varsity sport first. The underdog won and the video was filled with tons of fails and was a great way to get everyone laughing. After that, Principal McFarlane came out with a broom and started a “Sweep!” chant. After that, the seniors got to rush the stage and assembly was dismissed.

Friday night is the pep rally and E.A.R concert. Unfortunately this year the bonfire that usually starts before pep rally was canceled due to high winds. At pep rally all the dance groups get to perform, including Poms, our cheerleaders, ABS, the belly dance group, Imani, one of the hip-hop groups, BOA, which stands for Beat of Asia which is a Kpop dance group, and Lionettes, the jazz group. Each sports team also gets to come out and perform a skit, talk about their season and convince people to come to their games on Saturday. Boys cross country performed a Star Wars skit that was very funny and girls volleyball tried to find their biggest fan by quizzing people. Even though it was freezing out, pep rally was so much fun. After pep rally, I went off to the E.A.R concert. E.A.R stands for Exeter Association of Rock  and is one of the clubs on campus. Different bands and acts performed throughout the night, including a few people who performed original songs, an incredible cover of Hotel California by the Eagles, as well as an amazing Ray Charles cover.

Saturday morning I got on a bus to head to Andover and got there just after the start of boys soccer, who tied 0-0. Next was field hockey who lost 2-0. Girls volleyball was my favorite game of the day, and the only one I saw start to finish. The girls pulled off a win in 5 sets and storming the volleyball court was one of the most exciting parts of the day. After volleyball was girls soccer who fought bravely but lost 2-1. The day ended with football, which we lost 16-7 However, even though it wasn’t the closest game, both sides were very energetic and were rooting for their team up until the last few seconds. I screamed so much throughout the day that I got home that night with a very sore throat and very little voice. We got really lucky with the weather. It was mid to high 40’s the entire day, which beats last year, when it snowed during girls soccer. That night was Soule Tea, a dance hosted by Soule Hall, a boys dorm on campus. The dance was very fun, with a great dj and lots of good snacks.

All in all, it was an amazing day and I’m already looking forward to do it all over again in the winter!



Hey guys,

As you might already know, the annual Exeter/Andover games were last weekend. We have a friendly but intense rivalry with the school with the same name fifty miles to the south, and E/A weekend is always a time for school spirit and bonding, as well as for favorite alumni to return to campus.

When E/A takes place in Andover, Exeter provides buses so that the entire school can come support the teams. There are also tons of traditions associated with E/A – four-year seniors get to wear decorative kilts with school colors, first-year alumni flock back to Exeter in droves to catch up with their friends after their first term of college, and Pep Rally and Pep Assembly the Friday before the games are always memorable occasions. Exeter didn’t fair so well this year, winning in girl’s volleyball, tying a close game in boy’s soccer, and losing a hard fought and well-attended football game by just one point, 13-12, but even in the years when our sports teams don’t do as well as we would hope, the camaraderie fostered by the E/A spirit make sure it’s always a fun time of year. Check me out cheering on the football team last weekend in the picture below – and a special shoutout to head blogger Rachel in the bottom right-hand corner of the picture! I’ll also be uploading some footage of Exeter’s newest club, a blend of fire-dancing, martial arts and gymnastics called Illumninosity and started by my good friend Kenny Berger ’15, so be sure to look out for that.


See you soon,


E/A in a week!

Kevins volleyball team pic

Hey guys! The leaves have stopped changing, and have begun to break off bare tree branches, marking the end of a very busy fall term.

Kevins bench in front of library

Halloween just passed, and we had a wonderful costume contest, hosted by the lovely Student Council. Exeter/Andover games are in just a week, and I’m pumped for the girls varsity volleyball game, since I’m the manager. The girls have had a terrific season so far, making it 11-1, losing only to the defending champions Choate by two points. I’m super proud of them, and I can’t wait for them to beat Andover!

Exeter/Andover Games

Exeter/Andover Games, aka E/A happens once a term. It is the day when all of the sports teams play Andover, Exeter’s rival. Exeter and Andover have the longest running sports rivalry of any high school. The sport that began it was football. Fall E/A is considered the most important because of the football game.
This past weekend was Spring E/A. I am on the track team and both the girl’s and boy’s team beat Andover for the third time this season. We had a tri-meet against Andover and St. Paul’s at the beginning of the season, and recently, the team just won the New England (Interscols).
The games are well attended and they’re a great example of school spirit. Before each E/A there is a pep rally. On the game day, all of the students show support by wearing red and yelling the cheers taught to us at pep rally by the Red Bandits (you can see my favorite cheer in my info). Here are some photos from the fall. My camera has a special setting where only one color can show up. You can really see how much red there is in the stands.

Big Red Athletics!

Athletics play a pivotal role in the Exeter community. Whether you aspire to compete at the varsity level, become the best frisbee thrower on the quad, or even just a supporting fan, you will find the opportunity here. Exeter is a community where athletic festivities such as E/a (EXETER vs. andover) bring everyone together to sport red and showcase our school pride.

Last year, I was new to the Exeter community and found myself welcomed immediately by beginning field hockey in the fall. Pre-season allowed me to foster friendships immediately.  At Exeter, I have represented the varsity field hockey, basketball, and golf teams. It has brought me such pride to compete for the school I cherish so much. It is difficult to explain how proud I feel to put on my uniform and read the letters E-X-E-T-E-R.

Even if you do not aspire to compete at the varsity level, there are a myriad of other opportunities. Continue reading