Festivities at Exeter

Happy Holidays!

Last week we arrived back on campus for the start of Winter term. Over Thanksgiving break, Exeter, both the town and school, decorated itself for the holidays. The town is festooned with fairy lights, tinsel, and pine and hosted a three day kick-off to the holiday season this past weekend. On campus, holiday cheer is found in both dinning halls, in dorms, and even in grill. Religious Services here is ready for the holiday season. Last week, a belated Channukah was celebrated by the Exeter Jewish Community. Dreidel was played and many latkes were eaten. This past Sunday, the Church had a caroling service followed by a dinner. Various seniors spoke during the services, so I went with my friends to enjoy the candlelit church.Phillips Church decorated for the holidays I was too mesmerized to capture a picture of all the students congregated their, holding candles and illuminating the garlands and bells on the walls, I do have a picture of the church decorate for Christmas.

Even more holiday cheer is coming in the next two weeks at Exeter with a concert featuring all of our music groups next Sunday and various dorm activities happening.

Happy Holidays!


Religion at Exeter

Phillips Church

An inside view of Phillips Church, which hosts the weekly Mediation, Indaba, Protestant Services, and Catholic Mass, in addition to concerts.

A question frequently received from many prospective and new parents is about religious life at Exeter. I often like to tell them that although New England is a predominantly Christian area, Exeter has religious groups for many different faiths. Different groups and services include Exeter Jewish Community (EJC), Christian Fellowship, Catholic Exonians, Indaba, Jummah Prayers, Protestant Worship, Hindu Society, and Buddhist Meditation.

All the clubs are advised by an adult on campus, often a religious leader. Almost all of the religious groups on campus have dedicated meeting spaces located throughout Phillips Church. There is a room for Buddhist Meditation, Hindu Puja, and Jummah Prayers. There is even a kosher kitchen in the basement of Phillips Church and an Ark on the main level for storing the two Torah’s.

The Ark

The Ark where the two torahs are stored.

One of the best things about the Church is Reverend Thompson who presides over it. He is one of the most accepting and welcoming figures on campus. When you see Rev, feel free to introduce yourself and give him a hug. His hugs are famous on campus. Continue reading