UNH Field Hockey Camp

Hi, All!

I got back from UNH on Monday from field hockey camp. Some of the girls from the team at school went to the camp together and it was a ton of fun (and extremely hot out, 95 degrees or worse!). It was an all day camp, so we started in the morning at 8:30am and our day ended at 8pm. There was optional play too, so if you wanted, you could play till 10pm. I stayed with the girls on the team because they’re day students and commuted while the majority of the campers were boarders. While we were at the camp, we got the chance to meet two new Exeter students! One of them was going to be a prep and the other was going to be a new upper. They were in our group during skills in the morning sessions and were on our team in the evening during games. It was good to play with them, and get to know them too, since they will become fellow teammates.

Aside from field hockey, some other things I have been doing over the summer are skipping a term of math, and staying in bed to procrastinate from doing anything productive. Skipping a term of math definitely wasn’t the most fun decision I have made, but I said I would do it, and well, it would be awkward if I didn’t do the work. I know, you’re probably wondering what skipping a term of math is. At Exeter, everything is done by term, so if you are in the 300s level math (I am), the sequence goes 310, 320, 330, 340. Meaning if you started the 300s level in the fall term, in the fall you would be in “310”, in the winter you would be in “320”, etc. There’s an accelerated course of 300s, going 311, 321, 331 which completes the 300s math in three terms rather than four. Well, I am skipping 320 over the summer so I can go into 330 in the fall. I did this because I wanted to finish the 400 series of math when I begin it. Motivation to do math is pretty rare in the summertime, and it’s been a pretty rough time forcing myself to do it. To finish the 400 series of math, I would have to skip a term next summer as well, but now I think I won’t. You live and you learn, right? Besides math, I’ll be vacationing at Bethany Beach soon! Time to buy some sunscreen. I will definitely have more eventful stories to write about later in the summer. Hope your summer has been fun and relaxing!


Big Red Athletics!

Athletics play a pivotal role in the Exeter community. Whether you aspire to compete at the varsity level, become the best frisbee thrower on the quad, or even just a supporting fan, you will find the opportunity here. Exeter is a community where athletic festivities such as E/a (EXETER vs. andover) bring everyone together to sport red and showcase our school pride.

Last year, I was new to the Exeter community and found myself welcomed immediately by beginning field hockey in the fall. Pre-season allowed me to foster friendships immediately.  At Exeter, I have represented the varsity field hockey, basketball, and golf teams. It has brought me such pride to compete for the school I cherish so much. It is difficult to explain how proud I feel to put on my uniform and read the letters E-X-E-T-E-R.

Even if you do not aspire to compete at the varsity level, there are a myriad of other opportunities. Continue reading