Senera paint groupThis Sunday, my friends and I went to Holi, or the festival of colors organized by Hindu Society. Holi is an Indian spring festival where you just spray paint at each other and have lots of fun! I’ve been to many color runs before, but none of them were as good as this! In addition to so much fun, there were samosas (friend Indian pastry) and mango lassi  (yogurt – based Indian ice-cream) after running around for a long time!senera paint close-up

A Home-cooked Meal

Happy February!

We’ve had snow and ice blanketing campus most of January. Only ten days in to February, we have received several snowfalls. With less than one month remaining of Winter Term, many students are starting to get “cabin-fever.” To break up the monotony of campus and the dinning hall, I recently had dinner at one of my friend’s houses.

Paiges dinner with friends

She is a fac-brat (Exeter lingo for a faculty child). Her family loves to cook and invite us over for dinner. It’s a win-win situation: they get lively conversation on the State of the Union, languages, and classical music while we receive non d-hall food. Although d-hall has a steady variety of food, sometimes all us boarders want is a nice, home-cooked meal enjoyed in a proper house, not a dorm kitchen.

Paiges dinner

Our conversations over dinner and tea while listening to Brahms reminded us that the Harkness style of discussion extends outside of the classrooms and is everywhere on campus, even in homes.


D-Hall Delights

Here at Exeter, we have two dinning halls, or dhalls, on campus. Any student, wether boarding or day, can eat here for all three meals of the day. On a weekday, the breakfasts always feature bagels and bread, cereal, yogurt, fruits, eggs, and some sort of breakfast pastry, in addition to milk, juices, and water to drink. Lunch and dinner vary on a daily basis, but there are always salad, sandwich, cereal, and pasta options, in addition to a daily soup and bread choice, the hot line, and desserts.

I personally tend to sit with the same people in the dining hall on a daily basis. But some students will sit with different friends every day. It all depends. However, if you don’t want to, you will never have to sit alone. Almost every dorm has their respective tables in the dining halls, and you can always sit with them. More often than not, I find it necessary to pull up chairs to tables to fit all the people gathered around them. You might see, though, some people sitting alone. Many kids will grab a table for their friends if they are the first ones out of class. Some even choose to work in the dinning hall on homework and such.

To help add to the daily food options in the dining hall, Dining Services hosts events throughout the dorm. We’ve had a Chinese New Year Dinner, a Pancakes with Principal Dinner, a Hawaiian Themed Lunch, Continue reading