Big Red Athletics!

Athletics play a pivotal role in the Exeter community. Whether you aspire to compete at the varsity level, become the best frisbee thrower on the quad, or even just a supporting fan, you will find the opportunity here. Exeter is a community where athletic festivities such as E/a (EXETER vs. andover) bring everyone together to sport red and showcase our school pride.

Last year, I was new to the Exeter community and found myself welcomed immediately by beginning field hockey in the fall. Pre-season allowed me to foster friendships immediately.  At Exeter, I have represented the varsity field hockey, basketball, and golf teams. It has brought me such pride to compete for the school I cherish so much. It is difficult to explain how proud I feel to put on my uniform and read the letters E-X-E-T-E-R.

Even if you do not aspire to compete at the varsity level, there are a myriad of other opportunities. Continue reading