INDIA Back at Exeter!



Hey Future Exonians!

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I was one of ten students who was accompanied by ten Exeter faculty on a two week trip to India this past Spring Break. My experience in India changed my life. It gave me a fresh perspective on another culture and allowed me to document through photography memories for a lifetime.

Two weeks ago those who ventured India, gave an evening presentation in the library about our travels. We shared our experiences through photography, poetry, stories, illustrations, and some Indian cuisine. We were fortunate to present to a full-house.

This Friday, I look forward to sharing my experience again at our Headmaster’s house Mr. Hassan. Several students and faculty will dine with some Andover students who also traveled to India recently.

My experience in India and the opportunities it has allowed me back at campus is only one of the great and varied things I have been so fortunate to pursue at Exeter.