Martin Luther King Day

Hey Guys!

After being inundated with heaping piles of essays and Faulkner readings, we finally got to kick back and relax for some personal time for reflection.

MLK signs

MLK day is honored in a special way here at Exeter. We cancel classes for one Friday and host workshops during the day, inviting speakers from around the country to come and present ideas of Non-Violent Protest and Civil Rights. We had a terrific keynote speaker, a session of how prejudiced we are against hair, and a workshop hosted by Exonian Encounters to let us see how much we have in common with everyone else. How empowering a day it is!

Hectors snowy Academy Building pic

After the day passed and all the workshops, we decided to have some fun of our own. The New England Sun glared over the snow from the blizzard a week before, turning it to slush. And at night, where the temperature falls below freezing, the slush turns to ice. So, we had our own little ice skating rink in front of the Academy Building!

The guys on the ice

After the ensuing snowball fight (I was double-crossed by my fellow compatriots), we decided to move inside for a warmer way to spend our Friday. I still do not understand the craze people have with NFL Madden; I believe my friend’s PS3 has us all addicted.

The guys playing football in dorm room

I can almost count the weeks until Spring Break; 6 more grueling weeks until I return to the sunshine paradise of Vegas. But I will come to miss the snow, at least until the blizzards come again next year.

Weekend at Exeter

Bagel and lox - PaigeEven though we’ve only been back on campus for two weeks, it amazes me how much has happened in that time. Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day here at the Academy. We host workshops and speakers on the Friday before the actual holiday. It was a day to provoke discussion about societal pressures, especially those of conforming to the societal norm. I had a great dinner at EJC-Exeter Jewish Community. While noshing on bagels and lox and latkes, a group of us, students and faculty children, discussed the Middle East, religion, and politics. While discussions there aren’t always quite so politically oriented, it was a great way to continue the dialogue on privilege, equality and rights started earlier that day. Although we had Saturday classes today, during the last two classes, snow started to fall on the Academy. Everyone became children again as fat snowflakes blanketed the quads. And with an a capella group from St. Andrew’s having preformed earlier tonight, this weekend has been packed and exciting already.

snow - paige