A Home-cooked Meal

Happy February!

We’ve had snow and ice blanketing campus most of January. Only ten days in to February, we have received several snowfalls. With less than one month remaining of Winter Term, many students are starting to get “cabin-fever.” To break up the monotony of campus and the dinning hall, I recently had dinner at one of my friend’s houses.

Paiges dinner with friends

She is a fac-brat (Exeter lingo for a faculty child). Her family loves to cook and invite us over for dinner. It’s a win-win situation: they get lively conversation on the State of the Union, languages, and classical music while we receive non d-hall food. Although d-hall has a steady variety of food, sometimes all us boarders want is a nice, home-cooked meal enjoyed in a proper house, not a dorm kitchen.

Paiges dinner

Our conversations over dinner and tea while listening to Brahms reminded us that the Harkness style of discussion extends outside of the classrooms and is everywhere on campus, even in homes.


Winter Time Music

Hey everyone!

The air has turned bitter, the days have grow short, and snow is on the ground. There is no mistaking it, winter is here! And with winter comes festive music of all types–just recently, around 30 Exonians and I had the opportunity to watch the Youth Boston Philharmonic Orchestra perform in Symphony Hall, and it was amazing. They played an assortment of pieces, ranging from A Gandolfi piece to Shostakovich’s famous 5th Symphony. Although I am not the most experience listener of classical music, it was really interesting to hear kids like me, two of whom attend Exeter, complete extremely difficult music in such a professional fashion. If I ever get the chance again, I will definitely go.

Have a happy winter!


Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

Music, Essays, and Swimming

It’s been a busy couple of weeks recently.

My “333” rough draft is due tomorrow so I’ve been working really hard on that this week. But I finally have the whole piece on paper so that’s really comforting. I feel a lot better than I did earlier this month when I wasn’t even sure what I was going to write about.

But of course my paper hasn’t been the only thing I’ve been up to recently. Last weekend I dug through my parents CD’s and found a bunch of music that I felt I needed to listen to but hadn’t had the chance. So I’ve been listening to a lot of Dire Straits and Bruce Springsteen recently. The best part is that if I find a song that I really enjoy I can bring it with me to my guitar lesson and my teacher will teach me how to play it. Once a week I have a lesson with Mr. Sinclair, one of the guitar teachers here at PEA. He’s absurdly talented and he has a great ear for music, so you can play a recording for him and, within minutes, he’ll have figured out how to play it and he’ll teach you from there. Right now I’m working on a really great duet by Mark Knopfler and James Taylor called “Sailing to Philadelphia.” If you’re looking for some music to listen, I highly recommend it.

This past Friday it was really rainy out so the bike team didn’t go outside. Fortunately our cycling coach is also the coach of the swim team so he had a great “pool cross training” workout for us all. But when I say great, I mean hard! There are a couple of swimmers on the team so, for them, the workout was pretty straightforward but the rest of us were cooked by the end of it! It was a really fun change of pace though.

Take it easy,


Something I learned today: The O’Shaughnessy Dam was completed in 1923.

This Weekend’s Activities


Sorry for posting so late (technically early). The dance concert was tonight (the picture above is of me from dress rehearsal Wednesday), and my mom came up to Exeter to watch it. She took me out to dinner afterwards, and I have been hyped up on the excitement of the successful performance.

The dance concert is one of the multiple events happening this weekend. Exeter plans activities that the students can do on the weekends to ensure that our only option isn’t to sit in our dorms all day. The boys’ varsity basketball team had their tournament game today (they won, too!), and there was a poetry reading for students to share their originals. Tomorrow is the last performance for the dance company, and there is a hip-hop concert and movie playing in the student center. Every Saturday, there is a bus to the mall and movies, and to Stop & Shop and on Wednesday, there is a bus to Walmart. Continue reading