This Weekend’s Activities


Sorry for posting so late (technically early). The dance concert was tonight (the picture above is of me from dress rehearsal Wednesday), and my mom came up to Exeter to watch it. She took me out to dinner afterwards, and I have been hyped up on the excitement of the successful performance.

The dance concert is one of the multiple events happening this weekend. Exeter plans activities that the students can do on the weekends to ensure that our only option isn’t to sit in our dorms all day. The boys’ varsity basketball team had their tournament game today (they won, too!), and there was a poetry reading for students to share their originals. Tomorrow is the last performance for the dance company, and there is a hip-hop concert and movie playing in the student center. Every Saturday, there is a bus to the mall and movies, and to Stop & Shop and on Wednesday, there is a bus to Walmart. Continue reading

Arts and Music at PEA

Academics are certainly a big part of Big Red, but arts and music are just as important or are sometimes even more important. I have played piano for nine years and I’m happy to say that I continue to play at Exeter. Our music program and building is great because of the talented musicians and teachers that make it. We have orchestras, bands, soloists, and music groups that you can join if you want. In addition to musicians who play instruments, we have tons of great vocalists and a cappella groups for singers like the Exceteras, the PEADS and Fermatas.

Our dance program and acting program both work extremely hard as well. Sometimes, I go and watch the dance concerts or the plays that they put on and I’m always impressed. Not to mention our visual arts, like photography, ceramics and painting. I took ceramics last term and even though I knew nothing, it was still a lot of fun and a great experience. I learned how to work on the wheel and I made a couple of bowls and mugs too. While Exeter is well known for its academics, our arts and music are phenomenal too!