Academics at Big Red

School is hard. But, here at Exeter, I’ve learned as much as I learned in two years in about two terms. The courses I’m taking at Exeter include Math 23X, an accelerated math course, Physics 20P, which is physics for preps, Comp Sci 315, my elective, Spanish 220, my language, English 220, English for preps, Health, which is required for all new lower class men, Prep SPAZ, which is PE for all preps who don’t make a sport, and private piano lessons. The homework load is big, but if you manage your time effectively, you can definitely balance the three S’s, sleep, studying and social life. In all the classes, Harkness is used. Personally, I love Harkness math and English. In math, our curriculum is problem based so we all present one problem and discuss how we solved it, or if there are multiple solutions, we talk about other ways to solve the problem. In English, class is discussion based, usually about a reading or sometimes we read our writing aloud for everyone at the table to assess and help us. Learning at Exeter is very collective and you help your classmates around the table as much as they help you.