Winter Term Comes to a Close

Coming from Las Vegas, where snow doesn’t even have to touch the ground for a Snow Day to be called, New England Winters are truly something to get used to. The winter wonderland is a paradise to all who adore it, yet is the bane of one’s existence for others! Don’t get me wrong, I love snowball fights and sledding; but when icicles start to shape on bikes and ice rinks start to form on the lawns and sidewalks, its all too much to handle!

frozen bike

One key thing to the end of terms: MANAGE TIME WISELY. As you can see here, I’ve put off my Classical Rome research paper until the last minute, and have to spend the next three days in serious research.

Hectors laptop

Yet there is an upside to the hard work and effort. Every weekend, I try to set Saturday as the day where I get to kick back, relax, and think nothing of academics. Last Saturday, the International Students hosted the first International Tea open to everyone. It’s a day where we all get to dress up and act fancy; tea from different parts of the world, snacks, and a chocolate fountain wrapped up my week.

Hectors tea

There are two more weeks of Winter Term! Soon, I’ll be coming back home to sunshine and home cooking. I’m set to participate this weekend at BosMUN, Boston University’s Model United Nations, and the New England Regional Science Bowl; wish me luck! All in all, one of the better terms I’ve had so far.

Tea Time!

During spring term, many dorms host what’s called a tea. Mainly girls dorms have tea, but some boys dorms do too, like Abbot Tea, Webster has “Meat Fest” and Ewald has a “Klatsch”. For tea, students ask someone, whether boyfriend or friend, to be their tea date.

At the tea, people socialize, eat food, and play games. At my dorm’s tea, Browning, we had a piñata. We also tried to get a crochet set, but we couldn’t find one. I went to McConnell tea on Sunday because I am moving into that dorm next year (I am moving into McConnell next year because my dorm is being flipped into a boys dorm next year). They have been very welcoming and sweet and invited me to their tea. At their tea, they had bubbles, fuse ball, and paper and crayons. Tables are set out for people to sit at and it’s a great time.

Here are some pictures from Browning and McConnell tea. You can also check out some pictures from different teas at You can also see what people wear to class on this blog, too.