Spring is in the air

Rex tennisHey Everybody!

Although we passed through many long and chilly months, the warm weather is finally here! It reached 80 degrees today, and all over campus you can see people sunbathing, tossing the frisbee, relaxing in inflatable mini pools, or just relaxing on the quad. One of my more favorite aspects of spring is that it is tennis season once again! I have played tennis for six years (it is my main sport), and so I couldn’t wait for our first matches to come around. Not only has our performance this year been fantastic (we have lost only one match and our #1 was injured), but it is an incredible group that I love spending time with.

Whenever we have to travel three hours to some far away school, or come back to campus at 9 PM after a late match, people always wonder why I do it. But honestly, those lengthy bus rides and never ending matches are some of the fondest memories I have of this place.  Next week we are heading to the New England Championships, where we will likely be seeded first or second; even if it would be nice to win, I am most excited to spend a whole weekend with my team mates

(In the photo you can see senior and co-captain Charlie Boyd, on the left, and me, as we defeated Deerfield in a doubles match).

Deerfield Debate Tournament


Deerfield Debate Tournament

A chill weekend for Exeter as we competed at Deerfield for their annual debate tournament. One novice pair placed third out of over fifty pairs.

Hey guys,

It’s the middle of spring term and I had a pretty busy weekend. On Saturday, I traveled with the Varsity B tennis team to Maine and we played Cape Elizabeth High School who gave us a tough match. Sadly, we lost, but it was a close one and we lost as a team. Yesterday, on Sunday, I went to Deerfield for the last debate tournament of the year and competed as a novice. The trip took the whole day, but it was a great experience and one of our novice pairs won third out of over fifty pairs. Here’s a picture of us looking fresh.

Have a good one,


My Prep Experience

Hey guys! It feels good to be writing to you guys again and it was also great to see so many of you come to our Experience Exeter Program this week. I want to give a shoutout to Michael Zhao who was my awesome shadow and who I had a chill time hanging out with too.

When I came last year to Experience Exeter, it was the first time on campus for me and I had already committed before I came. My host was a lower from Cilley and after that day with him, I knew that Exeter was for sure where I needed to be. But little did I know what kinds of experiences would follow afterwards. What I’ve experienced and learned here can’t really be described in pages or even words for that matter, but is something you have to just be here to obtain. Right now, I don’t want to talk about the countless amazing people I’ve met, or the spectacular teachers both in and out of the classroom, but rather the way that Exeter has positively changed me.  Continue reading