The Sleepover

This weekend, one of my closest friends (who happens to be a day student) invited Antigone and me over for a sleepover. It was Antigone’s birthday last Thursday, so it would only make sense for our little group to have a birthday celebration.


When we arrived, we unpacked and watched The Amazing Spiderman 2. We bundled ourselves in layers and layers of covers on her big lumpy couch, accompanied by surprisingly authentic tasting Asian food her mom cooked for us. It reminded me of home.

pic1 We proceeded to play UNO, an extremely competitive card game that brings out the beast in all of us. It’s tough to say, but we all were on our A game. Not to mention singing T-Swift songs to get us pumped. And here’s a picture, just in case you guys were wondering how Exonians spend their weekends.


To put things simply, I had a great time. We all had a great time. Just this Monday, Olivia came up to me before English class and said, “My mom says she misses her two other daughters.”

It’s tough being so far away from home, and so close to the holidays, but it’s so nice to have something brighten up the winter term; something that you build from the friendships you make here at Exeter. Especially if that something includes jamming out to Blank Space and munching on the good ole roast chicken. A nice little pre-holiday fun.

Happy holidays!

Winter is Here

Once I have to dig out my boots and jacket from the back of my closet, I realize the inevitable: winter is here. Exeter just had its first snow, only a couple of inches, but as usual, it will likely have a lot more! Winter is one of the most interesting terms at Exeter. I have found that, while it is almost always dark out and you cannot play around outside as much, it is a term where I get to know my friends well and my grades skyrocket!

I guess since it’s so cold out, we don’t have as much to do as Exonians, so we hang out in the dorms, in grill, get our work done, and in general have a rather laid-back term. The Student Activities Office also does a great job of scheduling a lot of fun events for winter weekends, so that students don’t get bored.


Winter also means squash season! I first learned squash at Exeter, and this year I am playing around the mid-rankings of varsity- it is really exciting. Even though I have played tennis for much longer, I like the two sports equally, since squash is so fun. Below you can see a photo of me gearing up to hit a serve. This was in a match against Milton this Saturday. I luckily won my match, but we were narrowly defeated 4-3.

Weekend Activities


Rex kitePeople always ask what Exonians do for fun, and it truly depends on who you are asking. Some prefer leisurely activities like strolling through the park, some enjoy mountain biking in the woods, and others love to sit at a coffee shop and read all day. One of my dorm mates and I, however, decided to do something a little more exciting this Saturday. Because the wind was howling, we carried his gigantic kite to the school’s soccer field and flew it around. The kite has more than a five square meter surface area, so whenever a gust came we would go flying into the air. In the picture you can see my friend soaring over me, without jumping at all. It was an exhilarating experience, and something that I would have a hard time taking part in any where else. That is what I love about Exeter- if you live with your friends, no matter what you will always find fun and fascinating things to do.