The Sleepover

This weekend, one of my closest friends (who happens to be a day student) invited Antigone and me over for a sleepover. It was Antigone’s birthday last Thursday, so it would only make sense for our little group to have a birthday celebration.


When we arrived, we unpacked and watched The Amazing Spiderman 2. We bundled ourselves in layers and layers of covers on her big lumpy couch, accompanied by surprisingly authentic tasting Asian food her mom cooked for us. It reminded me of home.

pic1 We proceeded to play UNO, an extremely competitive card game that brings out the beast in all of us. It’s tough to say, but we all were on our A game. Not to mention singing T-Swift songs to get us pumped. And here’s a picture, just in case you guys were wondering how Exonians spend their weekends.


To put things simply, I had a great time. We all had a great time. Just this Monday, Olivia came up to me before English class and said, “My mom says she misses her two other daughters.”

It’s tough being so far away from home, and so close to the holidays, but it’s so nice to have something brighten up the winter term; something that you build from the friendships you make here at Exeter. Especially if that something includes jamming out to Blank Space and munching on the good ole roast chicken. A nice little pre-holiday fun.

Happy holidays!


Senera paint groupThis Sunday, my friends and I went to Holi, or the festival of colors organized by Hindu Society. Holi is an Indian spring festival where you just spray paint at each other and have lots of fun! I’ve been to many color runs before, but none of them were as good as this! In addition to so much fun, there were samosas (friend Indian pastry) and mango lassi  (yogurt – based Indian ice-cream) after running around for a long time!senera paint close-up

Martin Luther King Day

Hey Guys!

After being inundated with heaping piles of essays and Faulkner readings, we finally got to kick back and relax for some personal time for reflection.

MLK signs

MLK day is honored in a special way here at Exeter. We cancel classes for one Friday and host workshops during the day, inviting speakers from around the country to come and present ideas of Non-Violent Protest and Civil Rights. We had a terrific keynote speaker, a session of how prejudiced we are against hair, and a workshop hosted by Exonian Encounters to let us see how much we have in common with everyone else. How empowering a day it is!

Hectors snowy Academy Building pic

After the day passed and all the workshops, we decided to have some fun of our own. The New England Sun glared over the snow from the blizzard a week before, turning it to slush. And at night, where the temperature falls below freezing, the slush turns to ice. So, we had our own little ice skating rink in front of the Academy Building!

The guys on the ice

After the ensuing snowball fight (I was double-crossed by my fellow compatriots), we decided to move inside for a warmer way to spend our Friday. I still do not understand the craze people have with NFL Madden; I believe my friend’s PS3 has us all addicted.

The guys playing football in dorm room

I can almost count the weeks until Spring Break; 6 more grueling weeks until I return to the sunshine paradise of Vegas. But I will come to miss the snow, at least until the blizzards come again next year.

Boston Trip

So this Saturday was the maiden voyage of Exeter’s bus to Boston. I decided to go at the very last minute. Literally. 3:10pm on Friday afternoon I was ready to face another typical weekend on campus. 20 minutes later I was scrambling to get my adviser to sign my out-of-town, calling my mum at 6am in the morning (her time) to get in parental permission (I didn’t notice it was 6am, sorry mum), and then running back to the deans office so they could approve my out of town before I had class and they closed for the week. It really was a last minute decision.

After all that scrambling, I’d like to say that I accomplished a great deal in Boston, the first time I’d set foot in a city in a few weeks, but I spend the entire afternoon and evening…just eating. So we left at 2:30, got there a little before 4, and then I went to Chinatown, ate dimsum, when to three chinese bakeries, got egg tart, got takeout, caught the T to Cambridge, had bubble tea, went to a Korean barbecue, then caught the bus back to Exeter at 9:30. 5 and a half hours, and all I did was eat. And I regret nothing.

These buses to Boston are a new thing at Exeter, and there’s going to be two more trips, I believe, before the end of the term. It only costs $10 both ways, much cheaper than catching the Amtrak. Personally, I think they’re a very nice addition to weekend activities, and here’s to hoping they stick around. Thanks to Stuco for making it possible.

This Weekend’s Activities


Sorry for posting so late (technically early). The dance concert was tonight (the picture above is of me from dress rehearsal Wednesday), and my mom came up to Exeter to watch it. She took me out to dinner afterwards, and I have been hyped up on the excitement of the successful performance.

The dance concert is one of the multiple events happening this weekend. Exeter plans activities that the students can do on the weekends to ensure that our only option isn’t to sit in our dorms all day. The boys’ varsity basketball team had their tournament game today (they won, too!), and there was a poetry reading for students to share their originals. Tomorrow is the last performance for the dance company, and there is a hip-hop concert and movie playing in the student center. Every Saturday, there is a bus to the mall and movies, and to Stop & Shop and on Wednesday, there is a bus to Walmart. Continue reading