Winter is Here

Once I have to dig out my boots and jacket from the back of my closet, I realize the inevitable: winter is here. Exeter just had its first snow, only a couple of inches, but as usual, it will likely have a lot more! Winter is one of the most interesting terms at Exeter. I have found that, while it is almost always dark out and you cannot play around outside as much, it is a term where I get to know my friends well and my grades skyrocket!

I guess since it’s so cold out, we don’t have as much to do as Exonians, so we hang out in the dorms, in grill, get our work done, and in general have a rather laid-back term. The Student Activities Office also does a great job of scheduling a lot of fun events for winter weekends, so that students don’t get bored.


Winter also means squash season! I first learned squash at Exeter, and this year I am playing around the mid-rankings of varsity- it is really exciting. Even though I have played tennis for much longer, I like the two sports equally, since squash is so fun. Below you can see a photo of me gearing up to hit a serve. This was in a match against Milton this Saturday. I luckily won my match, but we were narrowly defeated 4-3.

Winter Time Music

Hey everyone!

The air has turned bitter, the days have grow short, and snow is on the ground. There is no mistaking it, winter is here! And with winter comes festive music of all types–just recently, around 30 Exonians and I had the opportunity to watch the Youth Boston Philharmonic Orchestra perform in Symphony Hall, and it was amazing. They played an assortment of pieces, ranging from A Gandolfi piece to Shostakovich’s famous 5th Symphony. Although I am not the most experience listener of classical music, it was really interesting to hear kids like me, two of whom attend Exeter, complete extremely difficult music in such a professional fashion. If I ever get the chance again, I will definitely go.

Have a happy winter!


Boston Philharmonic Orchestra